Society has changed unbelievably since I was a young lass. The worries of those latter years were comments from school peers and self-comparisons to models in fashion magazines.  Today this pressure is magnified unbelievably:

  • Selfies (invention of the devil)
  •  Instagram (invented by nosey people, show-off’s and loved by burglars)
  • Facebook (the creator of all this social introspection)

In my opinion, this level of social inspection and comparison is going to lead to a generation that not only lacks communication skills but whose self-worth is going to be zero because they let others opinions determine their choices and actions.

What’s that got to do with personal training I hear you question?  Again, just my observation but I have seen clients confidence & self-worth grow enormously once they start to believe in themselves.  This belief comes from setting a goal, achieving it and then smashing it!  They are not comparing themselves to anybody else.  It’s just them, some equipment and a determined mindset that makes the difference.

The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.  You can be a better version of yourself, be it academically, physically or mentally if you have the ‘want’ to.  Humans are amazing creatures and if we set our minds to achieving something there is no stopping us.  To win you have to fail.  When you fail you learn, when you learn you gain experience, when you have experience you gain wisdom and so on and so forth failing and learning until the goal is reached.

The take-home point is that you are an individual, you have different values to the next person, different ideas and ideals.   Have belief in yourself to do what you want to do and don’t concern yourself with what other people think, you don’t need their social approval or pat on the back.

Go out and be your awesome self 🙂