Sunday Tips

Sundays are a great day to plan your meals for the week, prepare in bulk and portion out.

Yes, I know that Sundays are a day of leisure and preparing for the week ahead is probably the last thing you’d like to be doing.  BUT, how many times have you come home from work to an empty fridge and no inspiration?

There are a couple of ways this can pan out

1. You raid the freezer and pull out an old pizza

2.  You jump back in the car, head to the shops and virtually dribble & drool as you peruse the aisles making choices you know you wouldn’t normally make if you weren’t so damned hungry

3.  After eating said foods you feel tired, lethargic and a little disappointed with yourself


4.  You open the door to a delicious aroma from your slow-cooker and within 15 minutes you’re sat down eating a one-pot meal

5.  You reach into your fridge, pull out a pre-prepared meal, pop it in the microwave oven and ping your meal is on the table

6.  After eating said meals you sit contentedly feeling rather smug that you’ve eaten a meal that is delicious and healthy

To make sure you don’t succumb to 1,2 and 3 you can try planning and preparing your meals for the week on Sundays.  In fact, if you are uber organised you plan your meals on Saturdays, do the online shopping and arrange for delivery on Sunday morning.


  • Preparing your veggies/salads and bagging them up with a little water in the bag to keep them crisp, or
  • Blanch vegetables so you only have to steam or microwave briefly
  • Cook a weeks worth of rice/pasta/quinoa etc rinse in cold water and store in plastic tubs (I would suggest you bag your rice and freeze it).  Cook the pasta so that it is al dente and spray with a little olive oil to prevent it sticking.
  • Bulk cook chicken, fish, steak.  Cut/slice meat in to bite size pieces and store in the fridge then you have a ‘go’ protein for the week.  Salmon fillets are delicious in a salad.
  • Make a black bean and steak chilli or a healthy chicken curry.  Box it up and you have two meals covered already.  Freeze spare portions for the following week.

A simple lunchbox idea:  Wholewheat pasta, baby plum tomatoes, cucumber wedges, blanched broccoli, chicken chunks dressed with an avocado oil and balsamic vinegar dressing topped with some toasted sesame seeds.

All you have to do is grab your lunchbox, open the fridge and assemble your salad.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Keep your evening meals simple but tasty.  For instance stir-fries can be on the table in a matter of minutes.  Black bean sauce or oyster sauces are healthy options for stir-frying.

A little planning and preparation can make a massive difference to your food choices, quantities and make your life that little bit less stressful.