Amisha is delighted to have lost 3.5kg baby weight in a safe, sensible and healthy manner.

Amisha also discovered that weight loss isn’t all about what the scales say.  In early December Amisha bounced into the gym and said that she felt really happy because she had managed to get her pre-pregnancy jeans on and would I weigh her?  When I said I’d prefer her not to,  she was a bit taken aback and we agreed to measure her instead.  My reasoning being that she was feeling proud and happy with herself and that if the scales recorded a weight that she wasn’t expecting that she would be very disappointed and it would ruin her day.  I am glad I did as she had lost a total of 17cm and she walked out of the gym on air.

Today (early January) we weighed her and she had lost a total of 3.5kg.  However, her little face did have a look of slight disappointment and when I asked her why she replied that she didn’t think it was very much.  I get it.  I TOTALLY get that it is easy to get fixated on the numbers of a scale and that 1 or 2 lbs or kg doesn’t seem like much.  To get the smile back on her face and help her to understand that weight loss isn’t all about the numbers I handed her a 1lb fat replica and told her that she had lost nearly 8 of them!  Her face was one of delight as you can see.

Happy Client.  Happy PT.

All is good 🙂