Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it means to Austin Personal Training Gym

At Austin Personal Training gym we have always kept a clean, hygienic and tidy gym. In these worrying times of the COVID-19 virus we would like you to know that we have upgraded our already high standards.

We now offer cotton gloves to train in. Hand washing soap and fresh towels are plentiful. The towels that we previously had on the equipment have been removed so that the benches etc can easily be disinfected and wiped down after each use. We will of course provide towels if you would like them when using the equipment.

The equipment is disinfected immediately after each client’s session or possibly during the session if appropriate.

We will where possible remain over 1 metre from you except where your safety could be compromised (lifting heavy weights for example).

We ask that before attending the gym that you wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser.

One of the great things of training in a private gym like ours is that we only work with our clients on a 1-2-1 client basis or very occasionally with 2 clients (buddy session) so the foot-fall is low and the risk of infection low.