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It’s safe to say I’m not a gym bunny.  Years of overeating and sofa-sitting has left me somewhat overweight and out of shape.  I had totally lost my way with my eating and I had tuned out any cries for help that my body was giving me.

Then I met Tracy.  Normally gym types are not my ‘type’ and I tend to serve them.  But not so with Tracy.  As super fit people go, Tracy is outstanding.  Firstly, she’s never judged me.  Ever.  She’s funny, incredibly focussed, supportive, confident and super effective.

Tracy took me in hand and guided me onto a new road in life.  She was firm but gentle.  If I fell she would pick me up and dust me down.  It’s a long road but it’s now a fun road.

Tracy goes away between sessions and researches things for me – supports for my shoes, cures for my hunger pangs, vitamins and minerals, any number of solutions for my ‘issues’.  She takes my fitness very seriously.  More so that I did to start with to be honest.  But its infectious! Now I’m really enjoying this journey with her.  And Tracy’s gym is amazing.  Private and secure.  I can sweat away without worrying about how I look.  No one is watching and listening.  Good job really coz they’d wonder why we spent so much time laughing.  Because – and this has been a revelation to me – it’s fun!

I’m three stone down with several more to go, but I’m sure together we will reach my target.

Georgie Lucas


I’ve been going to Tracy for 18 months and the results have been fantastic.  Initially, she was very careful to understand my objectives from a Personal Trainer’s viewpoint (my physical capabilities and limitations).  She trains you well and is dedicated to your wellbeing and progress.  Without doubt, I have trained harder with Tracy than I ever could alone and this is also because Tracy ensures that you understand how to train and exercise by concentrating on your working muscles.

Her facilities are excellent and she continually invests in new equipment, technology and training environment.  The training plan evolves and she keeps it fun, interesting and progressive. 

I acutally suffered a serious sporting injury and though this temporarily halted my training, when I got back to the gym, Tracy tailored a recovery plan alongside my physiotherapy which enabled faster and better recovery.

I would highly recommend Tracy Austin as a personal trainer for anyone looking for a great personal and friendly approach to training.

James Harding


In 2014 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure so I decided I needed to lose weight.  I proceeded to lose 20 kilos but was so unfit that I set about finding a personal trainer as I knew that if I just went to a gym that I would not keep it up.

When I first started with Tracy I could not even manage 5 minutes on the cross trainer; with regular attendance, I built up my stamina so that I was able to do 20 minutes of interval training!

Tracy has had to deal with the many medical ailments I have had and developed a program so that I could continue training with a large hernia (since repaired), damaged knees and for a while a frozen shoulder!  Through it all Tracy has managed to keep me going and keep training when sometimes I wanted to give up!

I will never be a natural gym bunny but Tracy keeps the sessions enjoyable and I have learned to love boxing; it is great when I need to get rid of some tension from my work life! 

Fiona Stimpson


Tracy has trained me for over 18 months now and the fact that she has managed to keep me motivated for so long is a major achievement in itself.  The sessions are fun and varied and although I work hard, I know that after my session with Tracy I always feel great.

If you would like a supportive and motivating trainer, choose Tracy – always cheerful, always encouraging and worth every penny!

Nuala Summerfield


We’ve been training with Tracy since January 2017 and look forward to our gym sessions.  I didn’t take long to start feeling the benefits of Tracy’s fitness and nutrition program, tailored to our individual needs.  We’d recommend Tracy as a friendly and knowledgeable personal trainer who can motivate, encourage and provide just the right amount of progression to reach optimum fitness levels.  If you want to make an investment in your health and are looking for a knowledgeable personal trainer with an excellent private gym that is well equipped and modern, then get in touch with Tracy.

Ray & Pam


Setting up that first appointment with Tracy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Tracy is extremely flexible regarding scheduling, is great at pushing your limits, and is really a lot of fun to work with! She also knows what she’s talking about when it comes to exercise and nutrition. I really look forward to our sessions.

Becky Bidmead


Oh my gosh Mrs A!!!!!!!!

 You are an inspiration to all us women who have had kids and wonder whether we can still find those abs again!!!!!


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Never too old to  lift weights

Elaine P


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