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In these worrying times of COVID19 virus the government has closed down crowed public places to ensure that we socially distance ourselves. This is a dilemma if you are used to training in a gym and would like to continue to keep up your fitness regime.

Training at home may not be your preferred option but if you are committed to your training and fitness we can offer you a way to keep motivated and driving towards your goals.  

Keeping yourself fit is vitally important to your mental health. Keeping yourself physically fit is important as it encourages a healthy immune system ~ A healthy body has a healthy mind.

We are very aware that times are going to be financially hard and we are offering Levels 1 & 2 to you for only £1 per day.

 We offer 4 levels of on-line membership:  



Because we find ourselves in very uncertain times with regards to the COVID-19 virus we have written a program for you that will continue to challenge your fitness levels.  It is written as a circuit, uses bodyweight exercises and can be done as frequently a you like.  Please use it as our guest and we hope it goes someway to helping you maintain your fitness. 



If you are new to training or simply wish to keep up or increase your fitness levels, this would be your choice.  This program uses easily available exercise bands that can be purchased cheaply over the internet.  You can expect full body workouts including heart pumping cardio days.  Exercise bands are excellent for increasing muscle strength.



Ideal if you already train at the gym and wish to maintain or improve your fitness.  The program will be using exercise bands for added resistance that can be purchased cheaply & easily.  This program is designed to keep you motivated and stay conditioned whilst you can’t get to the gym due to the COVID-19 virus.    



We are offering a highly personalised coached program that takes in account your gym equipment.  We ask you to fill out a detailed health & lifestyle questionnaire and have a Skype consultation.  During this consultation we discuss your fitness requirements and ambitions.  After this detailed consultation we write you a program that is personalised to your specific requirements and can even schedule your workouts around your work committments. We discuss your progress every week and offer encouragement and motivation via our APT app’s messaging system to keep you on track to your goals.  We consider the LEVEL 3 option to be the closest to having a personal trainer in the gym with you.  


ALL our on-line membership levels give you access to our APT app.  Here you will find your program, schedule, any coaching tips, and instructional video’s on how to do the exercises correctly and safely.  You have the ability to check-in when you have done your training so that we know you have done it.  You can also monitor your own progress by adding in your reps and weights achieved.  All memberships have access to our private facebook group where motivation, the occasional bit of banter (!) and encouragement from all our APT members can be found.  


We hope that whatever level of training you decide on that you continue to achieve your fitness goals and keep yourself safe, well and happy.

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